Hello ! My name is RADAO
I am a French graphic designer and illustrator. I create colourful, attractive, character-based works designed to brighten your day and make you smile. My work is very much inspired by pop culture and a childhood of 90's cartoons. Music, sport, art, fashion, entertainment, all of these inspire me to be very creative. My work is an invitation to never grow up and always find love for art in the stupid world around us.

Work inquiries, love letters or any questions can be sent to iamradao@gmail.com

2017 : Festival Open Minded - Cité de la Mode et du Design - Paris, FR
2016 : Salon Arbustes - Salon d'Automnes Champs-Élysées - Paris, FR
2015 : Be Street Bootleg Bart - Los Angeles to Paris, US - FR
2015 : La fête du graphisme - Curated by Michel Bouvet - Cité la Mode et du Design - Paris, FR
2014 : Hip-Hop Urban Art - Project Gallery - Toronto, CA
2014 : Music cover "Turn Down For What" - DJ Snake (Mad Decent) - Paris, FR
2013 : Salon Arbustes - L'Agora - Mantes-la-jolie, FR
2011 : A Tribute Graphic To Rock Culture - Curated by Arnaud Pages - Galerie Voskel - Paris, FR
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